Advocating traditional sacred knowledge

Reviving the authentic tradition of Islamic learning and teaching

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Essential Islam

Our Vision

We are committed to the propagation and dissemination of authentic and traditional Islamic knowledge, whilst also aiming to create opportunities and tackle issues of disadvantage and exclusion, in order to strengthen our local and wider communities.

We are from the Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah in belief and the followers of the great Imam, Abu Hanifa (Allah shower His Mercy upon him), in Fiqh...

Reviving Sunnah

Through reviving the tradition of learning and teaching in Islam - where a teacher represents the spring of knowledge and the exemplar of righteousness, the continuation of the glorious past, and the embodiment of the blessing and light of an unbroken chain of transmission – we believe the Ummah can regain its intellectual consciousness and reinstate its sense of civilisation.

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