A Prophetic Portrait

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4th July 2017


Deaf Centre Bradford

How does one describe the indescribable? How does one form an image of that which cannot be portrayed? That is what the Shama’il of the Prophet ﷺ does; it gives parameters to the imagination, allowing one to begin to think about the Prophet ﷺ with a spiritual insight (without visualising or portraying him in a painting).

During this seven-week course, we will cover and expand on an abridgement of the Book of Shama’il compiled by Imam al-Tirmidhi; a fascinating selection of authentic narrations (hadith) which portray and embody the Prophet’s ﷺ perfect moral, behavioural, and spiritual qualities.

With marvellous connotations of ornament, beauty, finery, and embellishment, Shama’il al-Tirmidhi opens with accounts of his ﷺ physical appearance and mannerisms, leads onto his ﷺ perfected spiritual demeanour and qualities, and culminates with the beatific vision of him ﷺ.

O friends! If the home of the beloved Prophet ﷺ is too far; if meeting him ﷺ is too difficult; and if you have missed seeing him ﷺ with your own eyes: Then do not miss reading his ﷺ description!

His ﷺ Noble Description

Learn about the Prophet's ﷺ physiognomy and likeness; his ﷺ natural disposition, depiction, and age.

His ﷺ Attire

Find out more about the Prophet's ﷺ clothes, turban, sandals, ring, armour, and scent.

His ﷺ Mannerisms

Discover how the Prophet ﷺ sat and walked, how he ﷺ conversed with people, and how he ﷺ spent his ﷺ time with his ﷺ family and companions.

His ﷺ Eating Habits

Learn about how often the Prophet ﷺ ate, and his ﷺ favourite food and drink.

His ﷺ Home

Unravel more about how the Prophet ﷺ slept, how his ﷺ cutlery was, and how his ﷺ lifestyle was like at home.

His ﷺ Worship

Be enthralled by the Prophet's ﷺ method of worship, how he ﷺ fasted, how he ﷺ supplicated, and how he ﷺ prayed.

His ﷺ Merits

Get inspired by the Prophet's ﷺ legacy, his ﷺ humility, and his ﷺ modesty.

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I have enjoyed my time learning with the ISNAD Institute, as it has allowed me to keep in touch with my Islamic studies at a comfortable pace. The course has inspired me... Iram, Purification of the Heart
Excellent course. Inspiring and motivational. Makes you reflect and helps you make a change. Fatimah, Arabic
It was an awesome experience, I made new frieds and really formed a spiritual attachment with the teachers... Javeria, Islamic Sciences Programme

Why is this course for you?

Closeness to the Prophet ﷺ

The reality of being preoccupied in learning his ﷺ traits, merits, and noble biography are major reasons for being blessed with visions of him ﷺ, whilst being causative factors for proximity to him ﷺ.

Increased Love for the Prophet ﷺ

Knowledge of the tremendous attributes of the Prophet ﷺ fills the heart with love and respect for him ﷺ.

Reviving the Sunnah

The Prophet ﷺ was sent as an exemplar to all, by learning about his ﷺ day to day actions and mannerisms, a person is able to adopt and implement them in their own life.

Praise of the Prophet ﷺ

Endeavouring to know about the noble traits and superb features of the Prophet ﷺ is a form of giving service to him ﷺ, a form of praising him ﷺ, and showcasing respect for his ﷺ exalted esteem.

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Bradford Deaf Centre | 25 Hallfield Road | BD1 3RP


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We believe that by supporting any noble goal or initiative, our reward first and foremost is with Allah. Moreover, the blessings of supporting one another and working collectively for the Sake of Allah are immeasurable.

Essential Islam is truly grateful for the support each one of you has given and continues to give. Together, we can continue to make a difference and achieve our goals. 100% of all profit is invested back into our projects and publications.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If a student requests a cancellation when there are more than two weeks left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable.

If a student requests a cancellation when there are two weeks or less left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable minus a 20% admin charge*.

If a student requests a cancellation after the course commences, and no lessons have been attended, then a full refund will be applicable minus a 50% admin charge.

*The admin charge is a percentage based on the course fee.

Will this course be made available online?

This course will be made available on our on-demand streaming service, which is currently being developed.

In the interim, if you wish to access the audio for this course, please kindly contact us.

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